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Plagiarism Checker & Citation Assistant

How to Check Your Paper For Breach of Copyright?

❶This feature is available for Premium Account only! You are free to rewrite the sections in your document that have been marked down or you can cite them properly, if you have borrowed them from another source.

Originality Report

Here is how PlagScan works:
Find out if your paper is original
Plagiarism Check for yourself, your students and your colleagues.

Sources are clearly displayed and accessible. The percentage of your text found in other sources is available. Forgotten sources, lack of proper citation or potential rephrasing can be fixed!

Try our plagiarism checker for free now! Efficient duplicate analysis and clear report - plagiarism highlighted in the document. PlagScan integrates into your workflow. Studying takes a lot of my time. It saves me so much time! Among the three plagiarism scanners I have used, PlagScan works best. I use it for all research publications I submit or review. In case of issues, you get answers within hours instead of days. Word, text document or HTML 1.

It seems you really like our service. Get more free scans by registering now! Or access with an existing account from: Do you have a paper you want to present at your school or university, but you are not sure how original it is? Are you are a business owner and want to make sure the content on your website is free of plagiarism? Are you about to apply for a job and want to have a unique motivation letter?

The reasons may be countless, however, the ultimate goal is always to preserve the originality of your text. This is where our plagiarism checker comes in. We at PlagScan have developed this educational tool, based on our advanced algorithm , with an integrated 4-in-1 solution: Online plagiarism checker internet sources Collusion plagiarism checker your own documents In-house plagiarism checker other users that decided to participate in our database Publisher plagiarism checker exclusive publisher data that is not freely available online.

After you have analyzed your document, our plagiarism checker will calculate a percentage of duplicated content and generates an extensive interactive report. Access the plagiarism report directly in your account, Download in your preferred format, or Share it directly with your peers, professors or employees! Check out our sample report that contains an already checked document and discover what you can expect from our plagiarism checker! The main advantage of this free plagiarism checker online is that it is free, of course.

Another advantage of plagiarism free checker is that it shows you your grammar mistakes in the text and analyzes your writing style, for instance, the misuse of passive voice and etc. Also, online plagiarism checker free checks punctuation, spelling mistakes and enhancement.

Taking into account all its features and advantages, we can conclude that this plagiarism free checker is a decent one and totally worth your attention while writing another paper.

We offer you to benefit from this plagiarism detector to help you compose a truly unique work and therefore get a grade you deserve. However, there are more factors that make it appealing:. There is no need to buy expensive software or pay someone to check your work for originality. Our program is at your disposal. We know that students have to write numerous papers every week during their college life.

You may check as many documents as you need and there are no limitations here. The process is incredibly fast — it takes just a couple of seconds for this tool to check thousands of texts online and find all the matches.

Sometimes, you just cannot avoid paraphrasing or rewriting the existing materials.

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Check Your Paper for Plagiarism - FREE Paste the text of your paper below (or upload a file) and select the "Get Report" button to immediately receive an analysis of your paper. NOTE: if you would like to check grammar, spelling, style, AND plagiarism detection, then use our free grammar check.

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Our online plagiarism scanner for research papers is easy to handle. You just need to copy-paste your text in the field and click the “Check this Text” button. While checking the paper, we go though multiple online resources and our own database of academic papers.

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‘’How much of my paper is plagiarized?’’ Most people have this question in their minds. Well, plagiarism checker online is a specific tool, which examines your assignment in detail to reveal sentences and bigger parts that might be taken from another source. In case you are student, it allows you to reduce the amount of plagiarism in your paper and make your writing perfect. If you are a teacher, you can easily find out from which sites your students are copying.