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❶Sure, apologizing is a bit unpleasant and confusing.

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If you use an assignment written by APlusReports. September 30th, Apology Essays: Trying to Fix Your Mistakes Sometimes, students can make really stupid mistakes for which they have to apologize afterwards. In other words, tell what you did wrong or failed to do. After that, apologize for your mistake or wrongdoing.

Well, do not point it out directly. If you have no idea how to do that, better do not mention this in the apology essay at all. Then, you can repeat that you are really sorry for what happened.

Do not be afraid to repeat it several times in your apology essay. I have a great family, but my parents are going through a rough time in their personal relationship. This in turn has changed the dynamics of my family and has been causing a lot of stress and pain.

Sometimes I do not know how to deal with this sort of emotional pressure and I have now realized this hinders my personal life. Initially missing your midterm was due to an illness I had encountered, but my actions afterwards had been motivated by stress and family issues. Even though my issues are still present at home I understand that I can no longer continue this lifestyle moving forward.

I cannot change what has transpired, but I have recognized my mistakes and am taking steps to ensure that similar incidents and situations will not occur in the future. According to Socrates, there are two kinds of death: Definition is defended by Socrates; the annihilation should be looked forward to like you would finally going to sleep, and transmigration would simply allow him to talk to other great figures like Homer and Odysseus and learn from their wisdom.

Again he use this argument to reiterate his central idea, such as people think they know about death but they actually not, and people needs keep examining, questioning, until the end of their life. In the end, Socrates even wishing his enemy well; he feels that, if you are a good man, you have nothing to fear in the life or the afterlife.

He does not begrudge or hate his accusers and merely wishes to teach others to place the human good over the materialism and that corrupting his peers.

However, he understood it, he knows what he have down, may someday bring him to the trial even death, the determination of him pursuing the goodness is unparalleled. Even many people thought his ideas is incomprehensible, and he said in the text that he is not a good citizen, still he is as good as a human being can be. After I read the Crito, his death sentence, to him, was the unfortunate but understandable result of living in a society that oversaw its peers.

Despite his innocence, and the belief that the Athenian government was in desperate need of change, he still abided by its rules; he believed that one can change the system from within, but you must still adhere to the decisions that society makes. He was punished and put to death for asking too many questions and corrupting the young, when in fact he was simply wishing to point out the ignorance of his peers which he also shares.

The principle of Socratic irony, wherein people are most philosophical when they admit they know nothing, was something that Socrates was trying to get other people to admit; despite their professed knowledge, they truly were ignorant, and so they were learning nothing by not reconciling this attitude. While the trial did not save his life, Socrates did not care — his intent was to show people the true meaning of living a human life, as well as demand greater examination of themselves.

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Free Apology papers, essays, and research papers. Plato's Apology - Plato's Apology Plato’s Apology is the story of the trial of Socrates, the charges brought against him and his maintaining of his own innocence throughout the process.

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Free Essay: I am not so certain if Socrates' approach to his defense is particularly the brightest one, and it certainly is not an apology as the title has.

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Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Plato The Apology. Free Essay: Socrates is at the age of seventy and appearing in a law court for the first time. For the people of Socrates time is accusing Socrates, for miss.

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