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Essay on Overpopulation Causes, Effects and Solutions

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❶Paying Attention in Class. Another serious consequence of overcrowding is a rising crime rate as poor living conditions may lead young people in particular to take desperate measures and turn to crime or drugs.

It leads to crowdedliving, the result is poor health and countless diseases.

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("Human Overpopulation Causes, Effects, and Solutions") Although the population of human beings has been escalating in a continuous manner since , the .

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Sample Essay “Life Improvements Are Turned Against People: the Causes of Overpopulation” In s, a total number of people in the world were around 1 billion. A century later, in , the global population count reached billion people.

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Essays Essay on Overpopulation Causes, Effects and Solutions It leads to crowdedliving, the result is poor health and countless diseases. In case the population growth exceeds all reasonable limits, serious consequences will be follow and some of them you may describe in your overpopulation cause and effect essay. *Overpopulation that goes hand in hand with poverty Poverty is a natural result of overpopulation.

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Causes of Overpopulation Essay Words 4 Pages According to the U.S Census Bureau the current world population is estimated to be about 6,,, people and still growing exponential. Overpopulation has become a knotting question that both developing countries and industrialized ones have to cope up. This phenomenon leads to some impacts on society namely the unemployment condition and the poverty, which requires an exact policy such as birthrate control from the authority.