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❶He gets help from the machinists by trading favors for work.

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Actually, I enjoyed it but it is still difficult to me. That is why, I read repeat again and again. After that, I can understand. I think that this book is very good for me because it gave to motivation to me. Also, this book gives to hope and challenging.

I know that it is true story about an honest guy growing up in West Virginia. When I read this book, I felt a lot of things. I think that the challenge is very important in our life. Sonny is always challenges something for his goal and ne never give up even if somebody is mocking and he never get discourage It makes discourage if somebody is mocking but sonny always have confidence and he is positive thinking. Positive think can make success and make happiness. His father is always ignores sonny and hate make rocket but his mother always help sonny and support.

She is always taking his side. I think that parents have always on us side but his father is not. Parent should be believes their child and support if child have goal. I came to USA because I have a goal. Actually, I am not still able to find the challenges I was able to find in my early study, so I have to change. I am sure that if I have goal and I have motivation, I can do everything. I am a college student and studying in USA.

I think that it is different and felt lonely but I am a blessed man because my parents support to me. So, I think I am a more blessed man than Sonny. How to make rocket candy? Also, what is rocket candy? The rocket candy is using the saltpeter and sugar. The rocket candy is like a fuel and it need to when they shooting the rocket.

Inferential and Interpretive 1. Sr hope that sonny change the goal and become to miner engineer instead of rocket engineer. But there style was so old. So Emily Sue drags Sonny back and makes him change to buying dark blue clothes. Sonny is pleased with the light blue tie with a big red cardinal at the National Science Fair.

In the chapter twenty three, I realized that Elsie has been Hodgkin;s disease but she will be enter the science fair with rocket boys.

Sonny lets Daisy Mae out. She is killed when she is run over. Sonny goes to the area science fair finals and the rocket boys win. On the way back they see Herbert Humphrey who is running for president. Turner is thrilled, he's won his bets with the Welch principal and Sonny has made the school proud. In the chapter twenty-five, Sonny Hones is speech for the science fair judges and Quentin quizzes is help him for preparing charts, diagrams, and designs. Also the other peoples are helping the display boxes and taking the photograph.

During the rocket boys presentation, strike funds are gone and the food from the state is running out. Sonny is suspicious from these situation. Quentin relentlessly drills Sonny on the chemistry, physics, calculus and differential equations. After all, Sonny has to replaced many things but he could not do it.

Sonny suddenly realizes that he loves her that he has never known and will never know anyone as goods as she. In the chapter twenty-six, Sonny suddenly realizes that he loves her, that he has never known and will never know anyone as good as she.

Sonny's dad agreed to stay in Coalwood and signed the union contract. Sonny, Quentin, Bill and Sherman become to engineer. Actually, Sherman died because of heart attack when he was 26 years old. Jim becomes to football coach and Dorothy becomes a wife and mother. Also, Miss Riley died because of disease when she was 32 years old.

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