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The Beatles - Paperback Writer Lyrics

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Views Read Edit View history. Please sign in first sign in. We send out the Songfacts Newsletter once a month. It contains a big list of the new songs that were added, information on recent interviews, and updates on what's happening in the fishbowl. If you'd like to receive the Songfacts Newsletter, please enter the email you'd like it sent to below: Paperback Writer by The Beatles.

Paperback Writer by The Beatles Songfacts. Paul was the first customer of the shop. This song was a sort of an homage to lots of authors, including John Lennon, who had already written two books: He also was thinking of the author Martin Amis, whom he had just developed a passion for. Megan - Albany, NY. The song is sung from the perspective of an author soliciting a publisher.

A "paperback" is cheaper than a traditional hardcover book, and at the time was considered of lower quality and written for mass consumption. The implication is that the writer isn't all that good. The B-side to this single was John Lennon's " Rain. Lennon claimed this was "the brother of Day Tripper ," meaning the song was based on a "dirty" sounding guitar lick. The Beatles released "Day Tripper" the previous year.

Chet - Saratoga Springs, NY. McCartney's bass was boosted by using a loudspeaker as its microphone and positioning it in front of the bass speaker. There was some concern that the heavy bass line would make record players skip. The ad for the single in England used the "butcher cover," showing The Beatles holding parts of bloody dolls.

It caused a stir in America when it was used for the Yesterday and Today album, which Columbia Records pulled from stores soon after release and is now a collector's item. If you own an early copy of Yesterday And Today with the non-controversial cover, you might have something valuable with a little trick: This was a song that led the transition from early Beatles style to later Beatles style, from love songs to opening up the subject of songs to a wider variety of subjects. Paul's Aunt had been bugging him for months, challenging him to "Write a song that wasn't about love.

And this idea's a bit different. Years ago my Auntie Lil said to me, 'Why can't you ever write about a horse or the summit conference or something interesting? So I thought, 'All right, Auntie Lil. Mike - Mountlake Terrace, WA. Ringo's bass drum was emphasized on this track. A microphone was placed an inch away to make it boom. The single's picture sleeve showed both Lennon and Harrison playing left-handed as Capitol's art department mistakenly reversed their photos.

This claimed the top spot in the US for two non-consecutive weeks; it was interrupted for one week by Frank Sinatra's " Strangers in the Night.

By this time, The Beatles were about to cease touring and couldn't make many TV appearances to perform the song. This made it very difficult to promote the single, so they commissioned a film clip that could be shown on these programs in their stead, unwittingly creating one of the first music videos.

The clip was shot at Chiswick House in London, which is famous for its lavish gardens. The setting made an interesting backdrop, but the focus was on the band, with the guys getting lots of close-ups and appearing in various cool poses. A video for the flip side of the single, "Rain," was shot at the same time. He became arguably the first music video director when these bands hired him to make promotional films; after doing "Paperback Writer," he also did " Hey Jude " and " Revolution ," as well as several productions for The Stones, including their Rock and Roll Circus special.

The band's manager, Brian Epstein, killed the idea, becoming perhaps the first band manager to quash a clever concept video in favor of just showing the band performing the song in an exotic location.

More songs from The Beatles More songs with occupations in the title More songs where a letter, email, or text is written More songs about authors or poets. Sign in or Register to post comments. Jennifur Sun - Ramona. He reveals to his audiences before he plays the song that is was HE who played the raunchy, driving guitar lead on Paperback Writer.

He even uses the exact guitar in concert that he used in the studio, which is an Epiphone Casino. The PW session photos show him playing the Epi. Thus ends decades of speculation about who the lead guitarist was in this song.

No word as to what George's role was. Pete - San Antonio, Texas. Barry - Sauquoit, Ny. I would bet that Paul wrote this about John. Poor Cyn was just a safety net and the son who works for the dailymail is Julian being a great PR subject matter for the DailyMail to write stories about.

PR and real life. Emily - St Louis, Mo. The critic George Melly wrote Throughout , I found their singles releases less and less interesting, for me, Paperback Writer was a poor thing, a falling off. I agree with George Melly absolutely. McCartney cannot - opposed to Lennon- maintain an excited feeling.

McCartney starts this song by - inspired by Lennon - hammering on the same note. But when he comes to Johan - Stockholm, Sweden. On April 22, , I am seeing a reference to Yesterday and Today album at top of this page. That song was NOT on that album, nor was it on Revolver.

Carl - Apg, Md. It's unlikely that this song was inspired by a passion for the works of Martin Amis since that fine writer's first novel wasn't published until His father Kingsley, maybe? Eric - Coral Gables, Fl. I have no idea why I love this song so so much!!! Been listening to it non-stop for the past 3 hours! Akina - Dhaka, Bangladesh. I've read many things about this song, and I can never decide what exactly to go by. But on another note, I really love this song, becase I am indeed a Paperback Writer.

Acutally, I'm a paperback journal writer Sydney - Dallas, Tx. It was done in the sessions which also produced the songs on "Revolver", and by the way some people were disappointed that the Beatles did not perform any songs from "Revolver" during their touring. Interesting point about the moustaches.

It's funny that he wrote a song called "Silly Love Songs" later on. I think Auntie Lil was right. Mary - Chandler, Az. So it was noted that Paul and John would always compete for the A sides of singles Did they flip a coin, or did George Martin the producer get the final say, or did the group members get to vote on it, or was it the record company executives who got the final say?

It's just fascinating how two incredible writers really relished competing each other because in the end, they brought out the best in each other. Personally they should have put Rain on another A side single to give it the recognition it really deserved. Myla - San Diego, Ca.

What a song,what a concept,what an idea,what greatness. This is a powerful example of pop rock song writing. Paul could write about anything and write top quality songs,which is the main thing,the quality of a song,and this song has it. George - Belleville, Nj. Ben - Toronto, On. On June 25th, "Paperback Writer" moved into the 1 spot for one week, then "Strangers in the Night" by Frank Sinatra bumped it out for one week.

But "Paperback Writer" reclaimed the top spot for another week!!! I had made made comments on daytripper and paperback writer and I had confused the two sorry. Paperback writer has the promotional film and it is the song on guitar I encourage players to learn.

Both of these songs have a great riff One again I apoligize to the readers of these comments for the confusion. Brian - Boston, Ma. Also in the promotional film George Harrison plays a Gibson SG I might be wrong but I think this is the first time we as fans have seen him play this guitar. Prior he had been known for Gretchs and rickenbackers. This Gibson SG gives a somewhat heavier sound. Althoug I wouldn't call this hard rock. The guitar itself is hard and heavy and yet the harmonizing vocals give it more mellow tone a truly breakthru song for the Beatles Brian - Boston, Ma.

I recently learned to play Daytripper on guitar. To those who might be just learning guitar or only know a few chords I encourage you to learn this.

What is great about this song is that it has such balls. It is not a difficult song to learn it sounds more complex then it is. It does take some practice like anything else but it is pretty basic. I am not exactly sure off the top of my head what album the Beatles were working on when they released this single [because I think it was released as a single and not an album cut but I could be wrong] But I think this was around 65 or so.

Around the time of Rubber Soul and then of course followed by Revolver in Just from a fan of guitar this was a great period for the Beatles some really great riffs. If you listen to any of the Monkeys music songs like day tripper and paperback writer were practically the blue print for some of their most popular songs [pleasant valley sunday, Last train to clarksville, I'm a believer. I also think that it is no coinsedence that around this time marijuna use among them was heavy and very influential on their sound.

Great stuff Brian - Boston, Ma. John - Grand Island, Ny. I love this song, cause it totally describes me! Ringo Starr played the drums and tambourine on Paperback Writer.

Paul was lead vocalist and played bass on Rickenbacker guitar. John played rhythm guitar and back up vocal. The single was released on A side with "Rain" on B. It stayed at No. John - Milwaukee, Wi. I agree, the guitar riff really makes the song. Daevid - Glendale, Ca. I've listened to this song a couple times it never occured to me until just recently that it might be about JOhn lennon, and i love that fact at the bottom by nicole.

John and George both play hollow body Gibsons on this song. A good friend and Beatle fan has played me an original mono single pressing and that is the way to hear this song because it gives the guitars justice.

In my opinion, there has never been a satisfactory stereo version to the song, even on the "1" CD. It is really a heavy song when you hear it in mono. Tim - Reston, Va. Ringo didn't play drums on the recording Tyler - Grand Rapids, Mi. Jameson from Lexington, KY: I, too, found the butcher album in Flint, MI about 28 yrs. As far as details on value, you're better off 'google-ing' or similar the info. Good luck on your research.

Norman Brad - Flint, Mi. The promotional film clip for this song and the one for "Rain" both show Paul's chipped tooth. They filmed this in the spring of '66, which proves he went for months without having the tooth capped he finally did have it capped for the '66 summer tour. These promo clips also show the big scar on his upper lip above the broken tooth - all caused by his moped accident he had December 26, , in which he fell face-first onto the pavement, busting the tooth and driving it through his upper lip.

Paul claims he went to a cousin of his who was a nurse at that time and the first stitch she put in wouldn't hold. I guess he was a bloody mess when she first saw him and she freaked. The butcher album photo session showed this also, although the final picture was airbrushed to hide the chipped tooth. Paul said the scar bothered him for a while and was the reason he decided to grow a mustache after they quit touring.

Since they all did things together, the rest eventually grew mustaches for Sgt.

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"Paperback Writer" is a song recorded and released by the English rock band the Beatles. Written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon [5] (credited to Lennon–McCartney), the song was released as the A-side of their eleventh single.

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Lyrics to 'Paperback Writer' by The Beatles. Paperback writer (Paperback writer) / Dear Sir or Madam / Will you read my book / It took me years to write / Will. Paperback Writer is a good song, I enjoy the harmonizing, and it is kind of funny how a song about a novelist trying to get his book published is so popular. I guess that is just The Beatles for ya. I am

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