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A Perfect Day

Writing my perfect day essay

❶No day is perfect as something always seems to go wrong. Forum General Fiction Poetry.

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It may become real only under the condition that the person feels proud of himself. So the second peculiarity of a perfect day is that the individual understands that today he has done something decent and does not experience inner conflicts.

The third peculiarity is that the individual learn something new during the day. It may be any little thing but it will give the individual the hope for the better as knowledge leaves no space to fear.

A perfect day is a type of day that cannot be lost among numerous other days. It makes any person glad and thankful for the day before he falls asleep. And one more thing — when a person feels loved and loves someone…anything is possible. Even a perfect day! How to write an essay Types of Essay. Essay Examples New Essay Examples. A perfect day definition essay. Example of a Definition essay on Personal about: How to write a Definition Essay. The kind of music I listen to depending on my mood.

Having dinner an hour later is always welcome especially if it is any kind of Chinese food. Chinese is my absolute favorite kind of food. That is always a good way to get up. To make the day better would be if I visited the bookstore, preferably Barnes and Noble.

My dream is to live in Barnes and Noble even if it's unrealistic. I love the smells, the atmosphere, and the hundreds of books lining the shelves. Books have always been my home away from home and book stores even more so. Buying out the store is unrealistic but buying say five, ten, fifteen books? I could spend hours in that store but sadly it does close eventually at about nine o'clock or so.

When I suggested getting a job there my mother laughed and said I would spend all of my paycheck there, which is true. I would take advantage of any employee discounts.

Next I would love to go to the theater for my 'perfect day'. I hardly watch movies let alone know what the newest releases are but some can be really fascinating. Hopefully something it's something I'm interested in otherwise it would be pointless. Of course I would need to have plenty of money for not only the movie but the refreshments. The type of movie doesn't matter as long as it's done well and it's something I can enjoy.

If it makes me want to watch it again then it's a good movie. Going on a date wouldn't be bad either especially it was to Main Event, but currently I am single…Bowling there is always fun especially if both of you are horrible at it.

Then it just seems to make you act silly. Followed by laser tag and you have a great night! At least I think that it would be a good night.

Picnics are always pleasant also even if it's during the day. My brothers making fun of my date or threatening to kill him if he hurts me is always a put down. So is when they interrogate me about everything that happened. They are so overprotective.

At least those are the saner things they have mentioned. I have never been to a concert before but I would certainly like to go. IF I'm adding all this stuff to my perfect day I might as well add this. Music is my life next to reading or writing. I always have music playing in the background. When I really like a song I sing to it aloud. A concert is hard to imagine for me though since I've never gone before. It does seem like a good experience however. I'm not sure which kind of concert I would go to, rock or jazz or otherwise, my tastes are eclectic.

As long as music was playing where ever I went I would be happy as a substitute to the concert. Well as long as it's not rap because that's the only kind of music I dislike. Now I may not be a glutton but I always welcome food, even though I surprisingly don't eat a lot. Soft pretzels, sushi, popcorn, and cotton candy are some of my favorite snacks to eat.

I could eat them every day if I wouldn't get fat from the intake of calories and sugar. Having them would make y day a little at a time. I would probably eat more if I had things like this to consume every day. Let's not forget the hot chocolate or Crush soda. How could I eat without something to wash it all down with?

Of course apple juice wouldn't be adverse to me neither would some crackers with garlic and herb cheese spread. Having the cats curl up around me would make my day even brighter. I love the cats to death!

All of them are so cute and quirky.

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A perfect day essaysThe definition of a "perfect day" could vary greatly among many different kinds of people, so for my own personal definition of a perfect day, .

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Everyone dreams about a perfect day but no one actually gets into the details what a perfect day really is. For the majority of people a perfect day is associated with a day when they do not experience any negative situations or in other words, the day during which they are not stressed.

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- This Perfect Day, Brave New World, Dystopian Masterpiece This Perfect Day belongs to the genre of "dystopian" or anti-utopian novels, like Huxley's Brave New World and Orwell's Yet it is . No day is perfect as something always seems to go wrong. Little or big, there is always a flaw. That is what I have believed and probably always will. A nice summer days is always a good start of the day .

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My Perfect Day. No day is perfect as something always seems to go wrong. Little or big there is always a flaw. That is what I have always believed in and probably always will. Anyone that says something is perfect is either lying through their teeth or overlooking a bunch of . Below is an essay on "Perfect Day" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The Perfect Day My perfect day would begin with me waking up next to my family at ten in the morning at the center of New Delhi in India/5(1).