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“I Want a Wife” By Judy Brady Essay

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I think he did not want a wife; he wanted a personal slave. Being a housewife herself, she exaggerates the position of an extremely self-centered personality, of what a stereotypical male ego thinks a perfect wife should be.

Personally, this sickens me. Although it is in good humor that she makes these remarks, I find them offensive and demeaning, and just plain rude. In your dreams, guys. Judy Brady tries to express her personal understanding about a hidden feeling of anger and betrayal. It is based on how she sees the role of a man in her life.

The essay is geared to encourage women, wives, exes, and girlfriends to question where they stand. The one-sided topics of this essay are blown out of proportion, but some days they seem realistic. Honestly, I can agree with that. Judy Brady makes us think how, even though it sounds like it would be great to have a wife like that, being that wife could never be an option.

Her entire essay holds perfectly the tone and reaction that this chauvinistic idea deserves, and that is one of satire. Posted by MU Writing Center at 5: Pathos of the article: The author lists the jobs that are required of wives. This ending is very emotional in support of the argument and it allows the readers to conclude that this is wrong. She says that to unnerve men and to treat women as lesser human beings. Also, she wants readers to take action.

The author wants people to get angry and feel emotionally involved with the topic. Logos of the article: The author arguments are apparent in her article. One of her arguments is that women are required to do too much. Another argument that she emphasize is the inequality of men and women. In her article she wants to go to school and be supported financially.

And there is a wife who must take care of the house, kids, money…etc. She argues that this must stop and people are expecting too much from women. She uses this method to point the selfishness of the husband and men who picture a wife that would do everything for them. While repeating the issues that relating with her own life, she is direct in details. Irony is used from the beginning of the essay to the end. By the use of irony in the essay, it sends a message to all the male readers a description of having a faultless wife in their future life.

The author seems to be creating an unrealistic picture of a typical wife that she especially exaggerates to make her point. She does not really mean that she wants a wife but she wants someone who will help. For which of these jobs would you like to hire someone? I also would like to hire someone to do the house cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping.

Before you die, leave something in the world for people to remember you. And you remember to leave something in the world for people before you die. What are your own observations on this subject? Have things changed since the beginnings of the modern nation state represented in Gold Smiths essay, or is there still a lot of chauvinism and xenophobia in the world.

In my view, national prejudices still exist in the world. This century is an age of information which develops a person everyday to look forward. Thus, looking forward and having a constant way of thinking are just a contrariety.

On the other hand, there is still a lot of chauvinism and xenophobia in the world. In towns of Europe, people can readily observe national prejudices in public. These thoughts affect their behavior towards them.

At the same time, in cities the issue is different because cities are usually more cosmopolitan than towns. Money is the ticket not the national prejudices in larger cities.

Being a cosmopolitan country is an advantage not to be a puritan. Oliver and Ishmael represent two different times and places. What similarities and contrastsdo you see in their essays?

The descriptions below highlight even more the similarities anddifferences. Their tone is very different. In terms of the elements of style, the author uses active voice and often uses complex words. One opinion may be that these are in excess but in actuality are key to the way he wishes to get his point across. The author uses a positive approach to getting his point across.

The author uses long complicated sentences to give his view point in a rhetorical manner. This approach lends itself to being very persuasive. His story is not based in terms of a logical argument but in one that uses descriptive language. For this story the author uses a technique of telling what is happening more than describing. For example, describing the nationalist like German, Dutch…. The author used only one quotation in his essay.

Such as the Dutch were more frugal and industrious. The French more temperate and polite. The Germans more hardy and patient of labour and fatigue. He used long compound and complex sentences like in paragraph five. I realized that his sentences very long. They start with when, if, before…etc , coordinating conjunctions fan boys such as so, and, but…etc. Tone is academic, intellectual over bearing. Also, he used vivid verbs such as, drunken, humble, venture, depend, and determine….

The point of view is, the author is in the essay while telling the story. He joins the conversation and starts to tell the story from his opinion.

In term of the elements of style, the author active voice and often uses non-complex words. The style is perfect for getting his point across to the reader. The author is telling more instead of describing the story. Along with repetition, irony is used from the beginning of the essay, starting with the title. One of the rhetorical devices that this essay uses is repetition.

This is used to show the selfish viewpoint of husbands and young men who picture a wife that would do everything for them. It makes it easier to understand what she is saying and going through that she would want a wife of her own while she is a wife her self. Another rhetorical device used in this essay is irony. Irony is used from the starting of the essay to the end. The way the whole essay is written on regretting on being a wife and now thinking about owning one is kind of adding sarcasm, along with irony.

By the use of irony in the essay, it sends a massage to all the male readers who depiction of having a faultless wife in their future life. The strategy of using irony is that it shows that all males are looking for a wife as prefect as the one described by Brady.

As for physical and social needs: Hyperbole; In addition to the other rhetorical devices, there is imagery as well.

They can also picture what she is going through that she has such detail ideas of what she wants a wife to do. The tone in the easy is mostly selfish and sexist. Brady lists many jobs that a wife dose and is expected to do by everyone. She plays a role in her life doing the same jobs for her husband and her children and now she seems to be sick of them and wants a wife of her own to help out.

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Judy Brady does not mention knowing an essay by Anna Garlin Spencer from much earlier in the 20th century, and may not have known it, but this echo from the so-called first wave of feminism shows that the ideas in "I Want a Wife.

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Judy Brady's essay "I Want A Wife" first appeared in the Ms. Magazine's inaugural issue in The genre of the article is a classic piece of feminist humor and is depicted as satirical prose. In this essay Brady aims to convince her readers to look objectively at a man's viewpoints and expectations of what he thinks a wife is and what she.

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Throughout the years, women have been seen as someone to have children, someone to cook, someone to clean, and someone who does not deserve rights. In the essay "I Want A Wife," Judy Brady points out the different roles of a "wife" according to society at that time. I believe that Brady is. I want a wife who will keep my clothes clean, ironed, mended, replaced when need be, and who will see to it that my personal things are kept in their proper place so that I can find what I need the minute I need it. I want a wife who cooks the meals, a wife who is a good cook. Author: Judy Brady (Syfers) Literature for Composition, (Third.

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Free judy brady i want a wife papers, essays, and research papers. Free Essay: Aysegul Torun English A\B May. 3rd, “I Want A Wife” by Judy Brady Meaning 1) According to Brady, wife is who takes care of every.