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IT revolution in India

Causes of Revolutions

❶It is assumed that gone are those days when stock brokers use to shout at the trading hall of a stock exchange for quoting their price. The libraries of the future will be called electronic libraries.

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In this manner, the benefits of the technological revolution accrue to owners [in the form of higher profits], labour [through higher wages] or users [through lower prices]. The observed gain in consumer surplus depends not only on the total amount of IT spending but also on the composition of IT spending. It has been noticed that in the recent past, IT in India has created much euphoria and no industry in India has ever received so much media attention.

It is also a matter of pride that about Fortune companies have out-sourced their software requirements from India only. With the growing stagnation in the U. S, the prime market for India's IT exports, the industry is continously trying to diversify the xport destinations and on other hand countries like Japan and Australia are identified as new avenues.

Now days, it is truly conducted that getting certified in relevant IT technology can help and enhance your career prospects with greater remuneration, more challenging job profiles, promotions, gain more respect, and increase job security.

The importance that companies attach to certification has increased so much that in some cases companies are specifically asking for certified people. Conclusion In developing societies like India the problem is not poverty, low production, low level of per capita income or GNP. The real problem is that we are not adequately and professionally managed. Most of our industrial and service sector units are either under managed or unmanaged.

Therefore, We all need to well organized all the institutions in our country. This requires a large number of professionally qualified managers and expert professionals. It has to be taken care of with the liberalization, privatization and globalization LPG of our economy, which usually shows that we are in the transformation process from being a technically backward country.

This transition phase has thrown up many challenges and opportunities which need to b exploited and managed to restructure the education system in general and management education in specific for the bright future of the students.

The strengths of IT advancements can be utilized for re-framing and re-shaping the management education during this process. IT revolution in India. Importance of IT IT in different service sectors The scope of IT revolution in various fields Problems while implementing IT Conclusion People who are intelligent and self-motivated are either frustrate or utilize their energy and put their all effort and time to find the new software links and appraisals.

Hence the educational institutions have to use IT for teaching the children so that they should be trained in this field also. Well, the latest hardware and software can be used and the latest computer languages and packages have to be taught to the students. It is not enough if a student of computer science alone has been taught about IT, but also the students of other disciplines have to be taught about IT. The hospital management is taking place with the application of IT.

Starting from the reception by recording a patient's name, the IT has been used everywhere in a hospital. A patient's record comprising his name, age, sex, the disease found, blood group, height, weight, blood pressure level, etc.

So whenever the patient arrives his previous record can be verified easily. For billing purposes also the computers have been used widely in hospitals. Consistent and tremendous improvement has taken place in the Indian banking sector because of the IT revolution. All the private and foreign banks have gone for per cent computerization. With the help of computerization, the transaction takes place at a faster rate and the waiting time of a customer in a queue is getting minimized.

The banks provide the facility of internet banking, phone and mobile banking with the help of IT. All the branches of a bank are networked. The cost incurred on infrastructure, furniture and employees has got decreased because of the application of IT. Well, the application of IT has provided various benefits for the Indian Railways and its passengers. With the issue of computerized railway tickets, the errors have been minimized and misusers can be found easily.

A passenger can book the train ticket from any part of the country. IT in Medical Shops: Due to an increase in competition, IT has also been applied in pharmaceutical shops.

Whenever any medicine enters the shop, all the information related to the medicine like- its name, quantity, manufacturing date, expiry date, its content, price and other information can be entered into a computer system. Whenever the sales take place, computerized billing would be provided to the customers. IT in R esearch: Marketing Research MR agencies involve in a lot of research activities starting from research survey on product development till distribution and measurement of customer response.

Manual analysis of data is not used now days. The MR agencies use sophisticated statistical software packages for data analysis and interpretation. Some of the statistical software packages are created by their own for customized problems. Therefore, the application of IT tools take place in full swing at MR agencies. IT in Share Market: It is assumed that gone are those days when stock brokers use to shout at the trading hall of a stock exchange for quoting their price.

Now days with the help of computer terminal and internet connection, purchasing and selling of share takes place everywhere. A client can look at the transactions taking place through the computers. The volume of the shares traded and the turnover has got consistently improved because of the availability of online share trading.

IT in Advertisement Agency: Creativity and modernity is the slogan which is seek in Ad Agencies. Creativity involves doing things differently.

View the Study Pack. Revolution Essay Essay Jennifer Donnelly. This section contains 1, words approx. Discusses the causes and effects of the American, French, and Russian revolutions. Revolutions have followed each other throughout history in governments as long as people can remember. They have happened in almost every society from ancient times to present.

These revolutions follow a pattern with a similar cause and result. It offers varieties of video games. These games could be played in leisure. The high-quality video games sharpen the intelligence and enhance concentration. When played on large monitors these games add to the thrills of the games.

Moreover, these games could be played inside homes during any time of the day without causing any disturbance to other members of the family. Internet surfing is a good source of learning and entertainment. A student can utilize his leisure time by surfing through various websites of Internet.

A student can surf through good websites so that he can have access to good-quality of useful information. The information thus collected could be used for career development. This facility can be availed even by those students who are financially weaker and cannot afford computer and Internet of their own. They can go to cyber cafe to have that information at nominal payment of price.

There are many educational websites available on Internet.

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Free sample essay on IT Revolution and Students. We are living in an age of Information Technology. Every spheres of our life is influenced by Information Technology. It is of tremendous value for the student community. They can make use of it to develop their personality and enhance their skill and knowledge. Computers, Internet and [ ].

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IT revolution in India. The Information technology (IT) revolution has brought about a sarcastic change in India. Huge malls, Funky eating joints, Sophisticated commercial complexes, villas, etc are some of the visible and wonderful attributes of IT revolution. The scope of IT revolution in various fields; How to Write a Good Essay? How. Free Essays on It Revolution In India. Get help with your writing. 1 through