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❶Should be about one page with references correctly cited. But it may be a crime to commit certain acts while ill.

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Schizophrenia Research Paper
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Apr 10, Email1: Type a double-spaced four page summary of the health issue assigned which provides an overview, definition, statistics, and conclusion what, when, how, why, who, where, prevention, treatment if applicable. The paper should be submitted using Microsoft Word and written using APA style, be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Remember only 6 lines of direct quotations are allowed. More than 6 lines will result in a grade of zero. Overview- Excellent introduction paragraph that flows into next paragraph s of an overview of the health topic, also includes definition s. Should be about one page with references correctly cited. Rationale and demographics- Excellent description of statistics include statistics and demographics of health issue. Section should be at least one to two pages with references correctly cited in section.

Prevention and treatment- Excellent description of prevention and treatment of health issue. Thank you for your assistance with this assignment. Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe and disabling mental disorder, affecting approximately one percent of the world's adult population.

Generally speaking, schizophrenia victims experience stimuli e. At times schizophrenics may be extremely agitated, at other times they may spend hours without talking or moving. Most schizophrenics also suffer from 'executive' deficit: Expressions of schizophrenia symptoms not only vary among afflicted individuals, they often vary with individuals over the course of time [Understanding schizophrenia].

These are psychotic behaviors not seen in healthy people. They include hallucinations, delusions, thought disorders dysfunctional ways of thinking , and movement disorders. These are disruptions to normal emotions and behaviors. They include 'flat effect' motionless face or monotonic voice during conversation , taking no pleasure in daily life, inability to sustain a course of action, and manifesting difficulty in conducting conversation.

These include problems with attention, certain types of memory, and executive functions facilitating planning and organization. One of the more devastating manifestations of the schizophrenia is the auditory verbal hallucination AVH , in which the patient 'hears' non-existent external voices. A study by Bentaleb et al. January , relying on functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI , examined a patient who experienced continuous AVH that, nonetheless, disappeared when she heard loud external speech a rare case.

Determining the physiological foundations of negative symptom schizophrenia is considerably more difficult than comparable determinations among those patients manifesting overt symptoms. However a study reported in Neuro-psychiatry Review Begany, August established that NMDA receptor hypo-function-specifically reduced activity of GCP II, a glutamate enzyme-was associated with reduced functioning "in the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and temporal cortex of patients with schizophrenia compared with controls.

The test subjects reproduced both positive and negative schizophrenia symptoms q. While it is highly tentative, it would appear from the foregoing that negative symptom schizophrenia is more closely associated with neurotransmitter dysfunction, while the disorder's positive symptom counterpart implicates structural pathway malfunction to a more significant extent.

NIMH reports persons who inherit two copies of val coding for COMT, a brain chemical that breaks down dopamine, "have a slightly higher risk of schizophrenia. These two, however, may be among many. A report published by the Office of the Surgeon General notes that recent research points to a multiplicity of mutations that are implicated in schizophrenia onset and, further, that "these genetic differences involve hundreds of different genes and probably disrupt brain development.

According to Asher , a recent NIH-funded study has determined that victims of schizophrenia "are 14 more times more likely to have multiple copies of a gene on chromosome 7 than those in a control group. This development is particularly important because the disease victims display very similar characteristics. This, in turn, may point to prospective treatment regimes.

The Surgeon General's schizophrenia report notes that "there is consistent evidence that prenatal stressors are associated with increased risk of the child developing schizophrenia in adulthood, although the mechanisms for these associations are unexplained. There is a body of statistically significant anecdotal evidence that unfavorable environmental conditions or events in utero primarily during the fourth and fifth months of pregnancy may cause a neurological insult to the developing fetus.

Children born to women pregnant during the Dutch famine were statistically more likely to develop schizophrenia. Studies conducted in Finland determined that the offspring of women who, during pregnancy, learned of the deaths of husbands during the Winter War were considerably more susceptible to schizophrenia when compared with mothers who learned of such deaths after pregnancy.

Both of these studies point to abnormal conditions or events as triggering elements, perhaps ones that aggravated preexisting, albeit only latent, conditions. If so, this would accord with the Surgeon General's thinking on a prospective connection, described supra.

At present there is no cure for schizophrenia. Usually, all sections must be balanced in terms of length. Term papers Choosing PhD dissertation topics Who can do your essay for cheap Animal testing essay thesis writing tips Vaccinations essay sample Finding an experienced helper Custom Essays vs.

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Paper topics Creating a biology research paper Free sample term papers Scientific research papers Healh care argumentative paper topics Expository essays with a topic sentence 5 paragraph format tutorial 10 easy argument essay topics Writing a graduate thesis paper Can someone write my paper? Here are some advices on how to create a good thesis statement: Make sure it connects with known facts about the disease: This is why writing facts matters a lot when writing such types of research papers.

In deed, by using factual medical data and information when writing main statements, students avoid including information that makes their work look exaggerated. A captivating thesis statement is one that draws attention of the reader to the debate. Thesis statements in medical fields are not easy to craft especially if one must mention difficult medical terms.

These terms, for instance, may make it hard to present information in an easy manner understandable to a layman. Yet research papers must be as simple as possible to understand.

One way is to exclude as many terms as possible in order to make the statement easy to read, but without eliminating facts. A thesis statement is contained in the introduction section of the paper.

The introduction must offer some background on issues in question.

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Creating A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper On Schizophrenia. Medical students can be asked to discuss a variety of issues in relation to schizophrenia disease.

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Research Paper on Schizophrenia Type of paper: Research Papers Subject: Medicine Words: Schizophrenia is a well known emotional and mental disorder that causes hallucinations, paranoid and delusional behaviour.

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