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What Chinese Consumers Want

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❶Chinese consumers remain brand conscious but, unlike shoppers elsewhere, they focus on value so intensely that brand loyalty is often secondary.

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Reaching Chinese consumers on the Internet
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Internet usage in China: Who and how

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Chinese consumer behavior. Since China committed to its “reform and opening” policy in , the Chinese economy has boomed, and most international businesses have established a presence in China.

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Though many Chinese consumers demand less expensive products, a small but significant proportion is willing to pay a premium for higher quality. The biggest change in Chinese consumer behavior comes from the young generation’s rising wealth and increasingly Westernized lifestyle.

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And despite many similarities, consumer behavior can vary significantly among the country’s 22 city clusters. Exhibit 1 In short, our latest research suggests we are witnessing the modernization of the Chinese consumer, and that will only make the market more challenging for consumer-goods companies. Chinese Consumer Behavior Overview. Source: McKinsey China Consumer Report. 3. Global Brands vs Local Brands. The market is saturated with international brands and local brands. Consumers are becoming more and more picky and have higher expectations. Consumers formerly made choices based on the popularity of a brand .

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“Chinese consumers may respond better to ads that place an emphasis on families or relationships, rather than those that put more stake in personal pride and autonomy.” Prepare for Consumer Changes—but Do Not Ignore Tradition. Lee is quick to emphasize that Chinese consumer behavior is not a static phenomenon. Chinese Consumer Behaviour An Introduction Frans Giele 6th February 1 Introduction This paper is a very preliminary attempt at a small meta-analysis on different.