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❶A career counselor can be helpful in guiding you with formatting and keywords to help your resume get noticed, and score you an interview.

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Use our library of example resumes to get you started on your resume. Use this template as a guide for writing and formatting your own resume. Sales is similar to customer service as salespeople can be effective in a range of industries. Fortunately, talented customer service reps can find a job in most fields that involve customers. If you find a mistake or problem in one of our links, look at the note next to it telling you what to watch out for.

Many skills from other fields will come in handy and make you a strong candidate. Professional Profile Templates The professional profile introduction is rapidly becoming a favorite of hiring managers.

Construction resumes are straightforward as they focus mostly on specific skills and experience. Composing a resume for office and secretary work is fairly simple. A career counselor can be helpful in guiding you with formatting and keywords to help your resume get noticed, and score you an interview. Got a job in the research and development department at a very high profile company in burlington, the pay and working conditions are fantastic.

The teachers are par for the course of any college program, however as others have stated, Mohawk leaves you a jack of all trades, master of none. Mcmaster on the other hand, the btech program is a crock of shit. That being said, having a degree is an old mans club which I don't want to be excluded from and the salaries that come with it.

Poor folks who have "Software development" diplomas though, doesnt sound nearly as good as the software engineering title. Basically, be good at what you do, and you will have no problems finding work, the world doesnt have enough coherent problem solvers to meet the demand. Yeah, whenever people ask me what I'm taking, I always say software engineering. It just sounds better then software development.

Still not sure which to put on my resume. You'll have no problem finding work.. One of the few industries not reliant on trade with the US. I've never been without work for longer than a month since graduating in A small publishing house downtown, a marketing startup in Guelph we got bought out after I'd been there for 4 months! So yeah, it's nuts.. I just finished up there at the end of April. Very nice people in the department. You'll find that the experience can really take you places, especially if you don't mind working for the City- they love hiring people for full time permanent who've already worked there.

I really enjoyed my time here. But it doesn't really look like they need any more full time people here. I'm still hoping my time here will give me an edge if i apply to some other city department though. Oh it definitely will.. Keep an eye on Information Services IS , IT grunt work, but the pay is good, and as a programmer you will be a god among men , the City Manager's Office, and the Library they seem to be always hiring. Just check out Hamilton.

I graduated in from the old Software Engineering program before it got changed to Software Development. During my time there I was a Mohawk Student Blogger, and was asked to work on the Electronic Health Records project at the Mohawk Applied Research Center This program used to be invite-only, although you can now apply to it as a co-op.

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(program name) at Mohawk College with excellent skills in (related field). Practicum experience provided applicable hands-on skills. Examples could be researching, analyzing, report writing, developing charts, organizing, communicating. Other assets, such as being bilingual or willing to relocate, should also be included in this section.

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We can help you grow into your chosen career. Students and alumni will be able to articulate their relevant skills through various methods such as discussions, activities, and exploratory questions with members of the Student and Graduate Employment team and will leave with an action plan that includes relevant resources to meet students at their stage of career development.

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Mohawk college resume help Please comment with your question or visit Resume Genius on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Linkedin to ovaren.cfe. Welcome to OptimalResume, a career management platform brought to you in partnership with MOHAWK VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Community Employment Services (CES) - Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON. K likes. Community Employment Services provides FREE services for anyone in the /5(75).