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Nothing Is Impossible

Its Impossible to Fax A Cat

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Impossible Is Possible
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As it has been said that impossible is the word found in the dictionary of fools. Fate is nothing and nothing can ever do any thing. It is therefore, foolish to depend on fate.

In order to attain success we are to depend on ourselves alone. God has endowed man with facilities of thinking of feeling and willing.

He has also bestowed him with ability for action. It is thus man alone to workout his fate when will and endeavour are combined together, success is assured. It is said that a man who sticks to his gun and works wins the battles which to a wavering man having little or no confidence in himself appears as an impossibility. If we look at the little child he falls and stands then starts walking and running if he has not taken first step he had been creeping whole the life.

As he sees every thing with hope and considers every difficult thing possible then the high ways of progress come before him. Infact a man can achieve what he believes to achieve. From the above stated facts it is evident that every thing is possible in this world and nothing is impossible. Study Notes for Colleges and Universities. Business Statistics English Essays. Co-Education - A Detailed Essay. Co-education means the education of boys and girls together.

In our country there is co-education in some college and schools, in mot coll Tabulation of Data and Types of Tabulation. Tabulation is the systematic arrangement of the statistical data in columns or rows. It is assumed that if fact wants television however also, they will work until they can get it.

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If our desire is like a thin, feeble stream of water, it is turned aside or blocked by every small obstacle. But a rushing torrent simply sweeps rocks and trees and banks out of its way and forces itself through every obstruction. In the same way, a fierce desire, and a strong determination will make difficulties easy and will discover the way to success. Pallissy, the French potter in the 17 th century, made up his mind to discover a pure white glaze for china. He was a poor man, and had but little education; but for twenty years he worked at his task, trying hundreds of experiments and failing in all.

However, he never gave in. His wife and neighbours called him a lunatic, for he ruined himself in his efforts. At last, to get wood to feed his furnace in the final experiment, he burnt up all the furniture in his house. But he succeeded in the end and became a famous man. He had the will and be found the way. Thus, perseverance and patience act as weapons in turning failure into success. Circumstances may be adverse, but it should not deter us. Carlyle said that genius is another name for the capacity to take infinite pains.

The examples of many great men in different eras bear testimony to it. History of human civilization tells us about many such great leaders and their efforts which were beyond imagination. Once acquired, it will enable us to have our way in all things. The notable achievements of science, art and literature are all the results of endeavours of men with will power who worked against heavy odds to achieve their goals.

Madam curie and Pierre Curie could discover Radium — a great boon to humanity only because of their desireness and willpower which prepared them to lay down even their lives in the pursuit of their goal. The work which seems unaccomplishable can be successfully undertaken with sheer grit, determination and hard work. Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation, with his conviction in Satyagraha and non-violence, succeeded in his fight for the Blacks in South Africa and also in securing independence for India from the British rule.

Mother Teresa worked for the upliftment of the destitute, ailing and dying, driven by inner spiritual powers, in spite of being frail in her physical appearance. We also have the inspiring examples of Sir Edmund Hillary and Ten Zing, whom not even the dangers of high altitudes could weaken and they resolved to reach the top of the Mt.

In order to get success in a work one must be driven internally. Then only one can grow in conviction, competence and willingness to accept responsibility. Today, man has landed on the moon which was believed to be a god. Modern science has achieved wonders. It has brought about far reaching changes in every walk of life. It has increased human comfort and given man powers fit only for the gods.


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The word 'impossible' itself spells, 'I'm possible'. Napoleon Bonaparte once remarked, "That the word 'impossible' is found only in the dictionary of fools". In this world, everything is possible on the basis of will power, dogged determination and sacrifice.

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Everyday people hear amazing stories of success. They hear about people achieving goals that are nearly impossible. I believe that nothing is impossible if you out your mind to it. The dictionary defines the word impossible as, incapable of occurring or being done.

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Impossible can be used in temporary sense, as it is nothing permanent. Every person, who strongly believes that anything is possible and can be achieved, is indeed inwardly optimistic who never allows, failures to come. Self assessment essay is always very difficult to write, because it is almost impossible to assess yourself in an objective way. As a rule, while writing self assessment essay all the students enumerate their positive features of character in a very simple way, but when it comes to the negative traits of character, all the students feel puzzled and do not know .